Just hear me out!

I have hundreds of complaints in life.. from things that break in my house to kids not listening to me to professional meetings that go nowhere... the list goes on.

And don't even get me started on my husband! I am on another level with him. My complaints with him have transcended into metaphysical domains. I have complaints about complaints with him.

Every time I run to my husband to rant about them, I somehow step on his chivalry. He starts acting like I am some damsel in distress, and his advice will be my elixir. I think of him as an armchair Spiderman who is trying to rescue a girl by spinning some webs of advice

Anyway, who wants a solution, dear husband! All I want is to rant, so do me a favor, just hear me out!

Or as John Aelia has beautifully said...

Kise hai khvahish-e- marham gari magar fir bhi

Main apne zakhm dikha lun agar ijazat ho

(Khvahish-desire , marham gari- to provide cure)

Who wants a cure for the ailments

If you allow me, all I want is to show you my hurts

Or as this comic from “Poorly drawn lines” describes it


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