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The Yin and Yang of Love and Adversity

  They say there are two forces that can influence you to maximize your potential-Love and Adversity.   Love, if it happens to soak you, can stretch you to do your best. Remember the movie Cinderella man -which lets an aging Russel Crowe fight and win the boxing match with a boxer half his age, just so he can feed his family ( watch Cinderella Man, if you haven’t watched it already) Adversity also can make you reach your highest potential. People who have suffered adversities, setbacks, and trauma have come out richer from their experience if they have endured it and risen up to the challenge to survive.  Remember, everything comes with a disclaimer! So love or adversity is also good in moderation Too much love can make you-  Lazy  or Crazy  Too much adversity can cause PTSD  Depression Suicide Adversity Hypothesis Jonathan Haidt in his book ‘ The happiness hypothesis ’ writes about the adversity hypothesis and its strong and weak forms. I think his description of the weak and strong f

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